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Guy Farrish

Missed this!

Interesting and enjoyable write up (x2!)

I think the Scots are going to have a very hard time reproducing history in the game as set up.

You probably need a way of reproducing Douglas’ sudden eruption on the English right flank (assuming they miss Umfraville/Redman on his flank march), or deflect a significant number of English and Scots off to the side. A downhill surprise flank attack is going to even things up considerably!

I see your blog has a comment from a reader saying that there were virually no English archers present – not sure I’d go quite that far but there should probably be significantly fewer than 7 out of 12 bases (If you are sticking to DBA size armies I am not sure what you do to balance this up – a few more spears?)

I note Dave does not say why he is sure there are no mounted men at arms present either. They obviously had their horses with them (the speed of march leaving their archers behind for one, the flight and chase of Matthew Redman for another). Whether they rode them in battle is I suppose open to question, possibly not at night, although it was a bright moon that made it almost like day apparently – I don’t know either way – if anyone has evidence I’d love to hear it (Not being sarcastic – genuinely interested).

As a solo refight I think I would leave the flank forces off table at the start and set up some sort of chart related mechanism to dice (or card draw) for when and wheteher to introduce one or the other at an (in)opportune moment – historically make Umfraville’s arrival almost impossible. You could allow for a separate flank fight if they bump each other or give an even chance for each showing up, one showing up, or neither showing up if occupied/lost – although the Scots should not really be lost as they seem to have set up this manouevre beforehand.

I think I’d keep some of the archers back from the English line and let them come up in their own time – either on a dice throw or simply rely on the movement/pip system to cover it.

Taking it a bit further you could let both sides main battle arrive piecemeal, as the English seem to have gone off half cocked and the Scots weren’t expecting the imminent arrival of the English. You could then randomise Hotspur’s decision to attack as they attempt to arrange a battle line, giving some edge to both sides trying to organise themselves in time.

Lots of food for thought, Thanks – I may be off to dig out some medievals and give it a go!