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After the leaving the town I rolled story and enemy action roll and got New Fact and Enemy Attack Player Resource.

As they got closer to the forest Jones pondered at the bottle of potion and noticed the unmistakable three peaks symbol at the bottom. Showing the others, they decided this is worth investigation if the Brotherhood of Bieber made this potion they should be able to tell if it really is the cure. The party swing westward towards the three rocks in the far distance, with any luck they might reach there by next afternoon, their new destination the temple of Bieber.

I started using loot and injury rolls. After fighting the soldiers I rolled another story roll and got New Fact again. I made it a letter and rolled several D100 and looked around the various tables trying to make a story out of it. This is where I like having tables using the same dice. I went with Noble, from profession table for one roll, Enemy attack Player Resource and Minor Disease for the other rolled. Stitched together a plot by the nobles to capture the temple and destroy he cure.

Apart from the roll to identify the potion which succeed with consequence (guards wanting the potion back) all the other rolls went very well. Getting a success with new fact (potion was for trade and the deal with the nobles) and the final story roll giving me another new fact (the instructions). This play went very smooth and with luck the party will complete their mission soon.