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The huge problem with 10mm is the same “problem” that 6mm has in that infantry is largely generic. So for vehicle centric games like Dropship commander, Heavy Gear et’al it’s a fine size. Scale wise I have always figures 10mm to be 1/144th scale.

Aren’t you answering the question “Will 10mm infantry-centric sci-fi ever be a thing?”?

I see vehicles as being one of the selling points of 10mm (and 12mm such as Heavy Gear) that differentiate it from 15mm (and 18mm). I’ve started buying 15mm sci-fi figures, and sometimes I’m a bit frustrated that, for all the infantry figures available in that scale, it takes more searching and compromise to source vehicles that match the infantry in style. So the best way to game and collect 15mm sci-fi, to me, is to make those projects infantry-centric.

10mm would then offer something different, the opportunity to go vehicle-centric instead. 6mm offers the same thing of course, but not everyone wants to go that small.

Anyway, I think 10mm sci-fi is doing fine enough as it is (I also forgot to mention CAV alongside Dropzone Commander, Planetfall and the upcoming Atomic Tank). So at this point I’d sooner see an upswing in 20mm sci-fi, as was mentioned earlier in this thread. More scales make for a healthier, more vibrant hobby scene, and now that even 3mm sci-fi has at least a little bit of traction, 20mm seems like the biggest remaining gap in the sci-fi market. To be clear, I’m not saying I expect 20mm sci-fi to actually take off (seems highly unlikely at the moment), I’m just saying it would be a lovely thing to happen in an ideal world.