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From the late 1980’s, I’ve  referred to the “larger than true 25mm” figs as 28mm.  My GW human figs range from about 1989 to whenever the plastic Cadians came out.  I got curious, so just went downstairs and measured a bunch of the most upright figs.  The old IG, circa 1989-91 measured 27mm to 31.5mm in height, generally with helmets (without helmets, they were 28mm and 29.5mm).  The Cadians  measured 29-32mm, all with helmets, except the 29mm guy.  The couple old rogue trader figs that I saw were 29mm.

Foundry Street violence, without big hair were 30-31mm, Copplestone 31-32mm, Rafm 30-31mm, Bobby Jackson all at 30mm, and generally, the mix otherwise ranged around 27-30mm, these generally dating from 1989-1994.  My older Wargames Foundry historicals tend to be closer to 28mm, many a touch under.

In general, I tend to think of most of my “larger” scale figs as 28mm, but I would guess that the average height of my 28mm figs is 30mm.

I have a few figs that were advertised as 32mm, they tend to stand 34-36mm tall, and will probably never be used, as none of them are brutes, justifying the height relative to the shorter figs.  At this point, I avoid anything that advertises as 32mm or taller.

I guess in response to the original question as posed, I call 32mm figs “too big”.