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Guy Farrish

Depends how far away from the question the answer is.

To take your example – ‘“What is your preferred model size/scale of Napoleonic games?”

‘I do 6mm WWII’, is pretty useless as an answer (though it may prompt interesting discussions about best scales for different periods).

‘I don’t do Napoleonics, but use 15mm for SYW, because I like the uniform detail you can get and where the battlefields are small and compact, but use 6mm for ACW to allow me to fight the whole battle, and I ‘m not so bothered about blue and grey uniform detail. So depending which element is most important to you for Napoleonics I’d go 15mm for uniforms, but 6mm for the practicality of doing the whole battle.’   Is not a direct answer, but a pretty good one, and possibly more useful than a short blunt ‘I do 28mm’.

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