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Of course, some questions are brought up as a way of sparking conversation (or even debate) instead of trying to get a precise, concrete answer or a statistical tally. “What is your preferred scale for Napoleonics?” may be one such question. The person asking it may be after some stimulating conversation over the subjective pros and cons of different scales (nothing that would ever arrive at an objective answer), and may even be welcoming to having the conversation strike off on tangents such as Napoleonic skirmish gaming (assuming the context of the original question was more to do with massed battle gaming in the first place), or general subjective preferences for ground scale and figure ratio.

Still, common sense should prevail regarding the indicated subject matter. If I were to answer “I don’t do Napoleonics because I find horse-and-musket historicals unapproachable and beginner-hostile”, and segue to some far-removed subject matter that I want to talk about instead – because I’d rather not be irrelevant to a conversation – then I’m not following common sense anymore. I’d be better off either taking a softer approach where I acknowledge my own irrelevance to the subject matter and well-meaningly, however naively, add what little I can to the conversation (“I don’t do Napoleonics so I can’t speak from experience, but I must admit to a certain fascination with the Oddzial Osmy 3mm Napoleonic range”) or just waiting for a topic more relevant to myself to come around.