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Both days in the wilderness plains I rolled no enemy action and no encounters. It was disappointing because I still haven’t met any other monsters I have.

Entering Spiral Peak I rolled an encounter ambush, soldiers. The fight went pretty standard but rolling soldiers was good for the story.

I was about to roll for a quest/mission but the roll luckily came up as Unexpected Event.

Arian finally rolled two 6s, once during the ambush and the second before she went down. Maybe I should make it a requirement to survive the fight. Wanted to give her a trait but reading the rules traits should be very difficult to get so I went with a skill instead.

I didn’t kill the Chocobo because I wanted to keep the captain recognizable from the others. In the end it became pretty useful. Jones should have gotten a skill or ability by now, with all the negotiations he did.

Large fight was smooth, I could have used Usurper’s Military Action table for the peripheral combat, it might have pushed back and forth and look more like a battle. I’ll try that if there’s another large fight but the campaign is nearing it’s conclusion so maybe next campaign.

After the battle I rolled a simple D2 to see who died, of the five soldiers down 4 were injured and are now prisoners. The four militia down only one survived, must be the armor the soldiers were wearing. I rolled for Erska to kill the injured captain but failed, interrupted.

Overall though I’m very happy with how it turned out, this large battle saved the campaign from what I thought would be an anti climatic end.

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