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Sure, sometimes I read a response and question whether the responder read the question. I just cynically shake my head and mentally note the responder as a nitwit. This happens more often than I care to admit. But thought should be put into the question, too. “Which scale do you prefer for Napoleonics?” “1/32.” Asked and answered. The real, implied question is (usually) “Why do you prefer a particular scale for Napoleonic gaming?” Often the implied question can be understood from the context. Other times not and people are not equally adept at parsing the context.

I don’t mind topic drift. They’re usually collaterally informative or amusing. But the further a topic gets from the OP, the less likely I am to keep up with the discussion. And drift tends to dilute the value of a forum by polluting search results and making information hard to find. I would never think to peruse this topic when trying to find out about frozen banana treats. (And now I want to know why a banana would ever be considered an herb!)

One of my pet peeves (I have quite a menagerie) are Amazon reviews. I find a book I’m interested in. Check out the reviews. “Five Stars. I’d give it eight if I could because it arrived quickly in good shape!” Or, “My husband loved it!” Argh!

Happens in real life, too. I work at a historic site where we get many, many  visitors. Just yesterday a visitor came up to me and asked “Do you know why these people are standing in line?” I was in a playful mood so I smiled and said. “Yes I do.” Full stop.

Don’t worry, I didn’t leave her in the dark.



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