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Otto Schmidt


As several have said. It’s universal. It is no different at internal websites at your job. I remember several places I worked you would put out a message to sales like

“Where are we on receiving the Capital Communications Order for 1,000 of our model number 5800 D’s?

The answers will be…


“Model 5800 D’s. why are they ordering that? We should sell them our Model 5800B-25.”

“Where are we on that project? Has engineering knocked out the bugs or are they making a 5800B- Actuaria model?”

“I thought Capital Communications was out of business?”

“Holden McGroyne says that they are still evaluating the model 4600 and haven’t gone on to the 5800”

“No they are ordering it through their subsidiary Metzger Communication instead.”

“Hey!! How bout dem Metz!!!”

When you put an topic or question on the net, it’s like putting a message in a bottle and tossing it into the sea. You never know what sort of barnacles will attach to it.

People have a thing to say and they will.