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Otto Schmidt

On the subject of Civilians, the Eureka figures are OK, but the Empire dresses are not that great and not really historical.  (I know,  I know, NOW you are quibbling about historical accuracy–  Otto!!!)  Sorry… I am looking for figures that looked like they stepped out of scenes from Barry Lyndon. Marie Antoinette and Catherine the Great (the 1930’s ones not the modern remakes.  William Suren used to make civilians in this vein with character, the modern makers are too wooden. I want for example, a figure of the Duc of Orleans to be as slimy and oily as Joseph Schildkraut was in the film.


One of my on-again-off-again projects is a game of civilian life in the 18th century. That’s not some sort of ginned up version of En-Garde. There will be literally NO combat in this game, only social combat between great families for the patronage at court or marriage alliances, and the swapping of ministries and positions. And I also like to make dioramas which I use on the table top in games as well.