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Otto Schmidt

I’ve tried this both in randomized or in letting players pick their objectives from a list. It all falls apart after turn one and a half. After that  all players want to do is push lead, roll dice, and kill things, preferably the closest enemy unit. When I mention “ummm… your objectives?” they invariably say “Uh yeah.. oh that… ”  Then someone else says “hey Dave, you have to roll for morale for this unit!” and it’s gone out of their mind and it’s back to “kill da wabbitt, kill da wabbit!!!
It’s like a puppy dog romping in he park and across the way a little girl is spreading bubbles from a hoop. The puppy sees the bubble, snaps at it, it bursts and the dog has a “brain fart” for a moment and then goes back to romping  around.  Now I Just let them do what they want. No one complains and everyone believes they have attained their objectives– which they have–  roll dice, push lead, kill things, and have a good time with their buddies.