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I just do my own thing.  It can be as mainstream as 15mm WWII, or as rare as 28mm Victorian piracy in the South Pacific.  I play mostly skirmish style games, sometimes with only six or seven figs, and sometimes  with battalions.  My post apocalypse has no shoulder pads or heavy metal, but you might hear the theme from “A Summer Place” playing in the background.  About two thirds of my games are solo play, and currently am playing one published rules set from the 1980s, and play 12 other periods/genres with self authored rules.

From my experience over the years, I’ve come to realize that in many ways my hobby is very different from that of most other gamers.  But, I’ve also come to find that, that is not that uncommon.  Many of us re-invent the hobby in a way that uniquely fits us, even when we frequently share our games with others.  We often have incredible similarities to others, as well as, amazing contrasts in how we each enjoy the hobby.