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Otto Schmidt

The nice thing about Imagi-Nations is that we are free to make up a backstory to suit. We only need plausibility pushed to the extreme and not historical exegesis. The Indians had no voice in the affairs in the house of Burgess or in that of the dealings with the Walking Grant in Pennsylvania, or New York. There would be held consultations and “conferences” with the Indians at some remote point in the wilderness where the Indians would express their grievances, usually to the very people who were aggrieving them, and the latter went back and said they agreed to everything.  A cadre of Inian Lawyers would have done far more simply by pure obstructionism in the courts  than an army of 25,000 men.

As William Cronin’s book “Changes in the Land” showed, the different ideas of land use and land tenure hampered any such mutual understanding.

But for our project in war games fortunately ideas are much more transferrable than habits. The hunger for land which was the driving force for expansion from the colonies was easily handled by the Indians if you separated the speculators from the process.  Most important it would have ensured a flow of cash into the Indians able to finance their own protection.

As I said, again, we only need plausibility and very little of that. What I want is to make a model of an Iroquois Army or what one would look like. Remember nothing prevents them from learning, adapting, and adopting.