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Ivan Sorensen

No problem discussing an old topic, maybe we have new people now ๐Ÿ™‚

“Will not play” would depend on multiple things right?

A: “I find it gross”.

Stuff in bad taste, atrocity simulations, conflicts currently on-going etc.
Scenarios where the author is grinding a political axe, I won’t touch regardless of whether I agree with the axe-grinding or not.

B: “I find it silly”.

For historical gaming, I find my tolerance for silly things is very limited. Any mention of “weird war” and Im out.
The guys who do this stuff seem to have a great time with it, so more power to them, but I’ll be somewhere else, thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

C: “Just doesn’t have my interest”.

I have pretty much zero interest in ancients and I find that I rarely enjoy setups where the two sides are dramatically different (such as many scifi bug scenarios or much colonial gaming).
I’ve tried both and I find that the styles just aren;t interesting to me.

If its a convention or club game, it depends more on the people there:
If the people at the table are acting like cretins, I’ll say no thank you.
If I wanted a lecture from some unhinged stranger about how [insert group here] are ruining the world, I’d create a facebook account.

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