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Otto Schmidt

I started the hobby with 30mm. — Scruby’s to be exact. Then went on to Stadden and Surens which were 30 to 32mm. ?Went to 25mm  and so on and the scale has crept all over the place. Now today I still have my Stadden and Surens and use them  with impunity with half a dozen other manufacturers , no wait… a dozen or more, some of which are all over the place with regard to scale. These include the old SAE’s and Greenwood and Ball minis,  and so forth. The one thing I f0und is that if you don’t mix the minis on the stand, then no one notices.  Thus the SAE’s in their unit when on the table top don’t look dinky at all compared to the majestic Surens’etc. I don’t have many GW sized figures because they don’t make much in the periods of interest I have, but I have used some of them as bases for conversions and even then look dinky sometimes.