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I’m not sure as to who the makes of the figures as they’re that old! The set up is in the kitchen, the terrain squares are two sided polystyrene blocks, you can turn ’em over and there’s desert like flocking on the other side… cartoonish to be fair, but kind of looks the part for Cowboy games. We abandon my basement wargames room/mancave during the winter these days as my mate’s got a dodgy ticker, it’s kind of aggravated by the changes in temperature and wotnot that you get going from one room to another.

Yellow Hair arrived just in the nick of time (actually arriving move 6 when the settlement was well in flames) blew the charge and hacked down and wounded his Redskinned opponent. Next move despite a D12+3 in HtoH he rolled a 4… the prostrate and wounded Injun did for him with a devastating big D10!

Chicken Hawk Squawking didn’t have the most spectacular start to his Big Chiefing career either if I’m honest. He brought down one of the female pilgrims and went for her topnot with gusto, only to stop one through the melon from the Derringer she’d got stuck down the top of her bloomer’s leg!

"Wot did you do in the war Grandad?"

"I was with Harry... At The Bridge!"