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Well, of course, I would never game the usual list of morally reprehensible activities that go beyond simply shooting tiny men for entertainment – rape, concentration camps, flying airliners into skyscrapers, that sort of thing. But be honest: how often do those things come up in a game, anyway? If you’re sitting across the table from a guy who wants to make a game out of massacring civilians, then you have bigger problems than what’s happening on the table, my friend.

I probably should add ‘targeting children’ to that list of no-no’s but the scouts in my post-apocalyptic skirmish force are all teenaged boys and they always end up shot to pieces by aliens or mutants in every game.

I’ve gradually lost interest in modern gaming*, mostly because I’m not interested in the typically stupid-as-hell political theories and jingoistic opinions that often follow one of these games. I find that substituting sci-fi skirmish (near future, preferably) is a good way to avoid that nonsense while still vicariously killing tiny people, which is good. I’ve also found that I’ve lost the taste for ACW games after all the national drama of the last year, but that might change in time.

Oh, and frilly shirts. I won’t play a game involving people wearing ridiculously frilly collars and sleeves. Lines have to be drawn.

*Its too bad because I’ve got some nicely painted modern Afghanistan forces and some 1970s Portuguese Colonial War forces all in 15mm that are just going to sit in the box on my shelf until I die, apparently.

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