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Roger Calderbank

The games I play have different variations on Igo-Ugo. For example, the Impetus family are unit-driven, whilst Lasalle is classic, but with an odd sequence. I’ve never been troubled by the time when my opponent has his turn. I need all the thinking time I can get.

The most extreme turn sequence I play is in Sam Mustafa’s Maurice. In a turn, a player decides if there is going to be any close-range shooting, in which case both sides shoot. Then, the player can do one thing (move or charge or rally or bombard with artillery) with one ‘force’. After that one thing, the turn passes to the other player. So it becomes a question of priorities. I would like to move my cavalry round the open flank, but if I do that my infantry will be shot up in my opponent’s turn. So I’ll have to try to rally that infantry this turn and the cavalry move must wait.

Some people don’t like such restrictions on what they can do, and it can result in some units not doing anything the whole game. On the other hand, the turns come round quickly, and each turn you have a significant decision to make.