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Thanks lads, the Retinues are coming together nicely now.  I’m hoping the Roundway command group has a trumpeter, it’ll save me from converting a QRF Parthian.  I reckon I’ll be able to post complete basic Retinues in about a week.

The decline of English archery is interesting.  Armour had improved a lot, witness Flodden where the, munition armoured or better, Scots front ranks shrugged off the English arrow storm.  Not so the mail clad or worse armoured Highlanders who seem to have succumbed to it.  Mind you they were unexpectedly shot at from the rear flank and could have panicked.  The French quote seems to have involved lightly armoured French missile troops rather than Gendarmes or such like.  So something is going on there.

The repeated legislation mandating bow practice seems to indicate the traditional archer class were no longer motivated.  Was Towton and other bloody WOR encounters an inter generational sickener?  Were the rewards not worth the effort?  Had the economic situation improved so that soldiers wages and loot were no longer attractive compared to staying safe at home and playing football?  I don’t know the answer but I’d like to.