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Yes, sort of, but didn’t start until more than 25 years after I started gaming, about three years before I started my blog.  I tend to do it in the form of a story, rather than formal reports, sharing the battle through the eyes of participants.

It started with a Soviet Afghan mini-campaign, and centered around a trials of a Soviet soldier, who was eventually captured.  It was my first experience in creating a story from my games, and provided the basis of what I did with my African imagi-nations.  Initially, I was apprehensive about sharing them, but after playing several African battles, decided to post the first one, and see how it was received.  To my surprise, feedback  was very positive, so I posted more.

When I started doing it for the Soviet-Afghan thing, I quickly found that it added another area of enjoyment to my gaming, and now, I can’t imagine not doing it.