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when I was an avid fantasy roleplayer. I bought new systems, new campaigns, new rules, … as they were published. There were always grandiose plans about starting new campaigns in whatever new systems were being published. But they never got played. Even at the frequency of one gaming session per week (back then), we simply couldn’t cope with all the new material that was being published. We stuck to to two systems we liked (Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay and Call of Cthulhu), perhaps interjected with a single session of something new, just to “try it out”.

Same here, though back in my rpg days I worked in a games store, so would be able to read all the new stuff and keep ahead of the game in terms of what was new and cool.
Though like you we played only two worlds with any real frequency.
WFRP and the other was split between Cyberpunk and Elric!

As for new things, I will look into them if they fit my current settings.
So right now being into Conan style games I will keep an eye out for rules/models that may benefit those games.
I will not look to play things that are new because they are new, but only if they have an immediate use for my current game.

Were I both time and cash rich then maybe, alas being neither means not taking a punt on something new when I may not like it and almost certainly not have time to play it.