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To a limited extent, yes. As a very, very rough estimate, I’d say about 1/3 of the figures and rules I buy are new releases, although that includes occasional re-releases of miniatures that have been OOP for an interim. More often, it’s a sale or some other limited-time offer that steers my hand, and in the consequent shopping spree I end up getting both new and old products from the same manufacturer.

Overall, I do value “newness” quite highly and I feel this hobby would be much worse off without it. Which is not to say I don’t feel the same way about “oldness”. But newness tends to get more flak in the parts of the hobby community that I frequent, and I don’t think it deserves all of it. In my opinion, the conflict or tension between new and old tends to get blown out of proportion and made more acute than it needs to be, especially by the old guard. Maybe in some other parts of the grand community (CMON, the GW-centric forums, and the like), there’s a corresponding “cult of the new” that scorns everything old and in so doing counterbalances the old guard with which I’ve become more familiar, but I wouldn’t really know.

I don’t really correlate the number of new products I buy to how many games I play a month, or anything like that. I just don’t see much causality there, sorry. I agree it’s not realistic to always fantasise about getting the newest product on the table before I’ve even clicked the “Complete Order” button. But I’m not that much of a realist when it comes to my hobbies, and if I was, this hobby would probably leave a much more bitter taste in my mouth. I could be doing other stuff instead – there’s always a new video game hitting the market – but I prefer to keep my fantasies.

“Fear Of Missing Out” doesn’t really describe what it is that drives me to feel an attraction to new products. It’s not as cynical as that. By that standard we could speak of corresponding fears that drive “anti-new” attitudes, but, again, it would be too cynical.