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I have never seen a redneck game that is sympathetic to the problems of the white poor, so I would guess that this is probably something along the lines of making fun of trailer trash and child sexual abuse survivors, although probably in veiled form (i.e. incest jokes). I could be wrong, but given that the player with the most teeth left at game’s end wins… well, I doubt it.

That said, this seems to be marketed at people whom, like me, have redneck relatives and neighbors or are rednecks themselves. In this sense, it might be thought of as cathartic in the same way Jeff Foxworthy’s jokes are.

But from a Brit perspective, it’d be like a “Chavs in the council flats” game. The only way one can laugh is either in a “laughing to keep from crying” sense or a flat-out mocking sense.

We get slapped around, but we have a good time!