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Paul Howarth

It all falls apart after turn one and a half. After that all players want to do is push lead, roll dice, and kill things, preferably the closest enemy unit. everyone believes they have attained their objectives– which they have– roll dice, push lead, kill things, and have a good time with their buddies.

I can’t say I’ve ever seen this personally. I’m probably the most frivolous of our group & even I realise that to win a game, you need to achieve the stated objectives. Indeed, in our 6 person group, we have 2 ex-British army officers, 2 ex-Australian army officers & an engineer (!!!) & I can tell you that the discussion & planning is pretty focussed. Not to say we don’t have fun (why would you wargame if it isn’t fun?!?) but it’s a game with rules for us. donald

I’ve occasionally seen it from a handful of gamers, but that seems to be an awfully large brush being used there, reflecting limited or very unfortunate experience. Funny, that. I like historical objectives but it’s also nice playing a game with a bit of backstory that encourages you to come up with your own objectives sometimes too. The original post seems a handy suggestion for pick-up games too.