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My experience is that there is a constant frequency of  gamers that are  self limiting, regardless of the types of games that they play.  I think gamers are drawn to groups of people who approach the hobby similarly; the type of game, board, miniatures, etc, is not so much a component of that.   Thus, a given group will consist of people who mutually embrace parameters that can be observed as limiting by those who do not embrace them.

In my exposure to boardgaming, published scenarios were almost never played.  The ratio is probably upwards of 100 to 1.

On a side note, “boardgamer” and  “wargamer” are more or less synonymous in my experience.  To differentiate from the boardgamer, you must qualify the gamer as a miniatures gamer, role-player, etc.

I’m always fascinated by how different our experiences in the “same” hobby can be.