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Private Snafu

Its kind of like trying to decide where to go to dinner.  Its just you and your wife; you can agree on something (eventually).  Invite the inlaws and a bunch of friends; good luck deciding.  What I am saying is group size is terribly important.  You can find some one to play the boardgame differently, but can you find the requisite 5 players to play it differently; not likely.

Generally, everyone is a killer (figuratively) when it comes to games so there is inherent distrust when you want to change something.  People will subconsciously ask “What did you change to satisfy your bias and make the game better and easier for you to win?”  Trust, friendship, family, experience with a game group can overcome a lot of that, but in pick up games its there.

My group has much better acceptance of unbalance or unknown if there is someone putting the game on.  A non playing game master.

Maybe you could write a scenario for the Conan group and see what happens when you share it.  I wouldn’t put it up for discussion initially, just push it out there and see if people play it or comment.