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Otto Schmidt

When I was young, and stupid, I was an avid aficianado of the new.  Like Phil  though I saw that  with each new rule set that came out, and each new release of figures in our group would mean a trashing of a set we had just gotten used to and mastered, or a topic which we likewise were just getting enough figures to field a force for.  I quickly lost interest as  each new learning curve had to be masetered, and I noted that most of them never were.  In the end, all those rules wound up like trying to paint detail on figures before the first coat was dry. It turned into a smeary mess.

Unfortunately complicating the issue was  that the players I gamed with did not read the rules. They relied on me, and others to hand-hold them through the rules which  turned into an even smearier mess when they remembered rules from years ago.  I then developed my old and haven’t changed.  We got to the point when someone said “Hey What About  doing  “Napoleons Buttons!” or “Umpires Ego’s and Liars!” we said to the guy. “GOOD! GREAT! you get the rules and buy the figures and learn them and you can put on the games.”

That ended the enthusiasm real quick!

Today I still gave gamers who ask after thirty or forty games with the same rules  “How many dice does a machine gun roll again?”  I realized that players just don’t pay attention and read the rules, even the rules they want to play. Now, I completely ignore rules releases and new periods.  Strange I find everyone still comes and will gladly play the game of whatever you want to put on provided you do all the work.

I remember one time in our club that one guy said one day.

“Hey how about we do Russo-Japanese War.”

This had about as much legs on it as a sponge.

Everyone said “Ummm OK… good, we’ll play it, when do you think you will be ready to put a battle on.”

The guy  was a little shocked.

‘You expect ME to put it on? Why should I have to bear the work and expense of it. I meant for you guys to do it so I can play in it.”

Swear to God, that was exactly what the guy said.

Needless to say there was never one battle in the Russo Japanese war put on.

I too get about a game a month on a good year.