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I’ve never used an ink that isn’t glossy when dry, so it’s entirely normal in my experience. Specifically, my experience is with the old Citadel inks (now long gone), the Vallejo Game Colour inks and one or two inks of other brands made specifically for miniatures. In the case of Citadel and Vallejo I’ve used numerous (5-10) colours of ink from each brand.

This is in contrast to products sold as “washes” or “shaders” rather than inks. I’ve generally found that they dry more matte, although not completely matte.

Terminology is a bit muddled here: Inks can still effectively be washes depending on how they’re used (I’ve seen the term “ink wash” used countless times), but for purposes of this discussion I trust we all get the difference between a product marketed as an “ink” and a product marketed as a “wash”.

One of my former painting styles was basecoat, ink & drybrush in that order. The smooth, glossy surface that the ink left over the basecoat wasn’t very receptive to drybrushing (not enough “tooth”) so I was never really happy with that style and eventually gave up on inks altogether.

One upside of ink is that because it dries as a hard, smooth, “glassy” surface, it makes a good protective layer, much like gloss varnish. But that presupposes the ink is used as the final coat (excluding varnishes), and the painter doesn’t mind the resulting glossiness or, as MartinR and Ruarigh pointed out, a matte varnish is applied on top of that.

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