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Sane Max

I use A4 box-files. They are stackable, light, and come in different heights. I only play in 28mm or smaller, and the only figures a standard box file can’t handle are cavalry with Xystons. Most of my armies will fit in 3 or 4 of them. I stack them on Billy Bookcases from Ikea, I have 5 of them in my wargames room, and my wife gave me a filthy look when I admitted I was getting close to needing another.

The issue I have with plastic boxes is that the floors are almost never flat, to add strength, so you lose a lot of the possible space they take up.

I used to use cardboard Bankers Transfer boxes – deeper and cheaper. However they are not sufficiently sturdy. My magnetic based figures went on woolworths baking trays (which were about 1.99 each) which fitted them perfectly, but I stacked some 4 deep and the lower ones subsided under the weight. Luckily as i cycle to my club, my figures need to go in figure cases for transport to a game, and I have lots of the very first GW figure cases – I bought them cheap when GW dumped the line – so my tall figures can live in a dozen of those kept under my wargames table.

In all honesty, storage is not THAT much of a problem for us compared to other hobbyists. Try Golf. My brother’s garage is a death trap of clubs, balls, bags……