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I use A4 box-files. They are stackable, light, and come in different heights. I only play in 28mm or smaller, and the only figures a standard box file can’t handle are cavalry with Xystons. Most of my armies will fit in 3 or 4 of them.

This is my new, still-unfinished solution as well. It helps that I work at an archive so I can take used ones home. I intend to make my own inelegant-but-functional tray inserts out of sturdy 2mm card, cut-up bits of sponge and PVA glue. It’s not the quickest solution as there’s some DIY required, and not the prettiest either, but it’s the cheapest and I expect it will be functional.

One problem is that the box-files I’m using keep giving me the most grievous papercuts (or cardcuts, rather) I’ve ever experienced. Need to do something about those edges. At work I’m wearing archival gloves all day so it’s not a problem. Maybe I should start wearing them whenever I handle my miniatures as well