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Phil Dutré

One of my favourite personal anecdotes:

When I was a young teenager (I must have een 12 or 13, late seventies), I once saw a demo-day of a wargaming club in a shopping mall. Of course, when you’re that young, you don’t have any money and your action radius is limited to places where you can go to on your bike and what your mom allows you to do (at least, that’s how it worked back then). In other words, the wargaming club was not (yet) for me.

So, we invented our own game, using a large gridded map of Europe, and borrowing a lot of plastic tanks, boats, soldiers from other games and toy boxes. One day, when I arrived at my friend’s house to continue our ongoing game (we played the game in the basement of his house), he announced: “You know what, since this is a war all over Europe, we should start writing as if we were journalists working for a newspaper!” And indeed, we started writing the story of our wargame, and pasted in photographs showing tanks etc. we took from the real newspapers and magazines (this was before photoshop!).

Of course, I threw out these reports when we grew older and started doing “serious” AH wargames.

Just to say that writing a story about a wargame must be a natural thing …

(100% true story!)

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  • This reply was modified 3 years, 8 months ago by Phil Dutré.

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