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Tony Hughes

I bought a number of Bisley type metal drawer sets when a manufacturer had them on offer – still not cheap but they are ideal for storing my 3mm & 6mm stuff. Now that I’m finishing the painting service I can start to use the two I bought to keep jobs in progress as well.

Ships I keep in box files with home-made inserts so some are two trays deep & others 3.

I’m using RU Boxes for projects ongoing as well as storage of larger 20 & 28mm figures & vehicles.

My best buy was a box of 40 A4 polythene boxes from Weston Boxes, all perfectly sound but just swirly colours as they were made as the machine was switching between colours. Even with shipping they cost only just over £1 each and I split them with a mate. These now hold all my 10mm stuff.

All good solutions but not very consistent.