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Angel Barracks

“The concept.
Mighty heroes are of course better fighters than normal thugs.
But what really sets them apart is their unrelenting nature, they will not stop when exhausted, they will not flee when wounded, their minds will not buckle in fear.
They are made of sterner stuff and can push past the barriers that normal people fall at.
It is this extra vitality that makes them who they are and as such that is the key focus on these rules.

There are 3 stats.

Prowess โ€“ the physical side of the character, swimming, running, brawling, fighting, archery etc.

Wits โ€“ the mental side of the character, perception, skills and knowledge, mental resilience, charm etc.

Vitality โ€“ the life force of the character, stamina, endurance etc.

During the game the characters will be performing tasks.
Tasks will be classed as either Prowess or Wits based tasks and you will roll an amount of d6 equal to your stat of the applicable stat.”

That is all for now, I need to go and roll dice over and over and over and over and see what happens when I do this instead of that, and then what if I do that instead of this…