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Rod Robertson


I don’t know of any recent print book that offers what you’re looking for and is also reliably accurate. The now defunct bayonetstrength.com website was good for that sort of stuff and there might be some Nafziger publications out there for such low level data.  Somewhere out there, there are cached and archived copies of Gary’s Bayonet Strength TOE’s but I have never found them in their entirety. What I did was to hunt down electronic copies of WWII infantry training manuals to figure out what low level organizations I needed at various points during the war.

Ian Shaw’s “WWII Army Organiisations and Equipment (3 ed.)” by Tabletop Games is set at a higher level than what you ideally want but it can be useful at the company and the platoon level for some forces despite its age. It’s accuracy is sometimes suspect but it is certainly comprehensive.




Rod Robertson.