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I still refer to Ian Shaws ancient tome mentioned above. The WW1 data book by Ellis isn’t bad coverage for the whole of WW1.

It would be a monumental task to bring together all the official TO&E for various subunits, even assuming the records still exist and are accurate, let alone whether they were adhered to (e.g. how many Russian tank Destroyer brigades really did have an attached tank regiment?).

Shame the old bayonetstrength site died, Gary made a really good job if it.

The KStN site is interesting, but again, it is patchy and there is considerable divergence in reality.

A more general observation is that in a war involving tens of millions of people where the basic currency was divisions and the small change was battalions, no one at the time was hugely interested in keeping detailed records of what each platoon was armed with, let alone each section.

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