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I’m a bit prejudiced but for ease of set up and take down, it is hard to beat naval games.  

That made me think of the good old days when I used to play Pirates of the Spanish Main. We set up a 8’x’4 sheet of MDF in the loft and painted it blue for the sea. Set up whatever campaign we decided on, chose our fleets. Whacked out the islands and away we went.

The campaigns went on for weeks in some cases. It was not uncommon for a game to last 12 hours. So it was great that we could leave all the ships in situ. Come back a week or so later. Spend 10 minutes scratching our heads as to what we’ve been doing and carry on.

Used to use the same table for 6mm SF armour games too. Later on played a lot of skirmish games but those were always concluded in a few hours. So the need for a permanent set up was kind of negated.

The ship models aren’t easy to storage due to the masts and not easy to dissemble. It was handy, very handy having a gaming room which we could just leave in play.

I think your storage definitely works hand in hand with set up and take down.