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Katie L

“Next I’m going to be asking for suggestions how to paint the rusty armor and weapons.”

Black undercoat

VGC “Tinny Tin”

A layer of W&N “Burnt Sienna” ink.

Several very thin washes of mixtures of VMC “Bright Orange” and VMC “Shadows Flesh” — varying both the relative quantities and the dilution. Use wet brushes to pull the colour around and prevent out-of-scale pooling & dried ones to suck water out of crevices to leave the colour behind.

Any silver paint you have, gently dry-brushed over raised areas, chip the edges of weapons and paint in any modelled-in scratches/dents.

Optionally — Using a very fine brush and W&N “Silver” drawing ink, add more scratches and scuffs to weapon edges and the corners of plates.


(Yes, it takes ages, but the effects are really quite good.)