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BTW I think we’ll live with having all cavalry move at the same speed.

However, I think there’s a minor tweak needed for games starting with the 2 sides outside of contact ie games of manoeuvre.

The rules mention columns of attack & columns of manoeuvre and that you need to take a turn to move from one to the other (unless you are veteran or above) & that you cannot fight in a manoeuvre column. All this is good.
The rules also reluctantly allow a 5cm road bonus if you are moving down a road in a manoeuvre column. We’re going to allow this.

However, we want to compensate for the penalty of being in a manoeuvre column, so we will give any such formation (infantry & cavalry) an additional 5 cms for normal movement, across any terrain. Attack columns will move according to the distance stipulated in the rules.

This also isn’t in the rules but I already have ‘imposed’ the idea that to visibly differentiate between the two types of infantry columns, attack columns should have 6 figures in front rank, followed by ranks of 4 figures to differentiate them from manoeuvre columns (4 figures wide) & lines (which are two bases deep).
Cavalry columns are either closed up for manoeuvre or with small gaps between the bases to indicate a column of squadrons (an attack column).

This is all minor stuff & I am reluctant to change much more.