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Just Jack

Ahh, thanks guys, but not belated Rod, coming soon.

I figured there would be plenty of guesses for Arab-Israeli/Yom Kippur as that would seem to be most reasonable, what with the M-60s vs T-62s and BTR-50s, but I don’t think M-113s are a great fit.

Cold War Gone Hot is much closer, but still not what you think: I’m going earlier, probably mid-60s, and this ain’t happening in Europe… The damn Soviets have managed to pull off a full-on invasion of the United States, Red Dawn style!!!

So we’ll not be fighting in the Fulda Gap or to cross the Rhine, we’re fighting to save Kentucky (I know, who would want to save Kentucky?) or to cross the Mississippi!!! The Soviets will be coming down through Canada in Washington and New York, up through Mexico in Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona, and have nuked California and DC! I’ll be running a mechanized fire brigade dashing from enemy breakthrough to enemy breakthrough while the boy commands the (evil) Red onslaught.