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Mr. Average

I don’t have one yet, but soon! I want to get one of the 6mm scale ones as a mega-Titan, too – it would likely utterly dwarf the 3mm scale ones.

Incidentally, for those who follow 40K canon, I’m no longer considering my “rebel” marines as Sons of Horus, but as something else… the “Unnamed Legion,” perhaps the effaced II Legion, rumored to have been named the “Hands of Fate” or “Stormbringers.” Were they actually rebels? Did they turn on the Empire before the Heresy even began? Or did they perhaps turn, and then repent? Was there some genetic experiment they embodied that went horribly wrong? What became of them in the confused fighting of the 30100s AD? Nobody really knows…

Which is to say I basically picked teal blue and black as colors because I like them and, not finding a Heresy Legion to match, am making one up as I go along because damn if I’m repainting them because GW tells me to!