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My CY6 group meets about twice a month and regularly plays full-size CY6 scenario book games with multiple players (4-6, rarely 7-8). Typical scenarios have 8-9 fighters per side plus 6, 8, or 9 bombers. To keep so many planes in operation at a decent game pace, there are some helpful tricks you can use.

We try to assign each player a single 2-ship, 3-ship or 4-ship flight of fighters. Formations eventually break down to individual planes anyway, but one player per leader/wingman group tends to prevent the game from suffering excessive coordination or fragmentation. Extensive play has convinced me that 4 planes is the practical maximum for an experienced player, 2 or 3 planes is the ideal to keep the game moving and still provide players with some longevity, and that inexperienced players are best off with a 2 plane formation.

Move the bombers as non-player planes. They can’t maneuver as well as fighters and have to move first anyway, so there is no reason whatever to plot their moves. When we started, we agonized over who was going to control the bombers, and sometimes had a player who controlled nothing else. We soon noticed that except in very rare special scenarios, bomber formations operate just fine on autopilot, and within the first dozen games we just stopped plotting bomber moves altogether. Now we just have volunteers from the bomber’s side move all the bombers first in whichever way they deem appropriate that turn. Nobody is “stuck” playing bombers, they tend to maintain formation because it’s just easier, and the “boring” planes are divided up fairly.

You can determine the general length of a scenario in turns by the distance of the bombers from the exit edge. Nearly all bombers cruise at speed 2, so the number of hexes between the bomber starting position and the exit edge sets the minimum game duration in turns. Add 2-3 turns for fragile bombers and 4-8 turns for tough bombers, to account for damaged stragglers and aborting bombers that turn back. Most official scenarios tend to start the lead bombers 30 hexes from the exit edge, so they are normally 16-20 turns long, and more like 18-22 turns with R3 or R4 bombers.

I still go back and forth about the right starting separation. For randomly generated scenarios I settled on a rule of thumb that the lead plane of each flight had to be at least 8 hexes from the nearest enemy, but counting each TAL lower as one hex of separation and each TAL higher as 1/2 hex of separation.

– Ix

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