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… I do have a question (that has probably been asked a million times but I still couldn’t find it) regarding initiative units returning fire – do they?

Yes they do !

…lets say VDV unit A announces it is going to cross the street and engage Mujahideen unit B. Muj units B and C announce they will react to the movement by firing. They all roll a single reaction die. Mujahideen unit C gets a 6, VDV A gets a 5, and Muj B gets a 4.

This is not how it’s supposed to work – the initiative unit rolls reaction test against each non-initiative unit starting with the nearest. Once all reaction tests have been rolled resolve reactions in which non-initiative units lost the test, starting with the nearest & working out until all tests resolved. Finally resolve all reactions in which the non-initiative unit won in similar manner. See p.68-69 of the rule book.

… In this case, does Muj C shoot at the VDV unit without taking return fire? or do they resolve a full round of fire, with the VDV unit losing one firepower when engaging Muj B later?

No, the VDV will always get to shoot back. If you had rolled them correctly and got the results you got then, as Maggico said, the VDV would resolve the round of fire with the Muj B first, if it survives it would then resolve the round of fire with Muj A. If it is still able the initiative unit can then resolve any movement & fire (minus modifiers) to complete its turn.

… Another question, about suppression, what exactly are ‘LMGs (not SAWS)’? I assume the L86 would be an example of a SAW in this case, but what about the minimi? or the RPK? is there a list somewhere I missed?

Mimimi/RPK/RPD are SAWs & classed as Light support;  GPMG/PKM  are LMG & classed as medium support;  .50cal M2/Dshka are HMG & classed as Heavy support. (p.37-38) If you look at the scenarios they will give you the weapon class. eg RPK 74 (Lt.AP:1/AT:0)

… Additionally, confident troops must make a ‘morale check’ when fired on by a support/vehicle weapon with 3D+ firepower. So if a unit is shot at by a heavy machine gun, do they take both a morale AND a suppression check?

Possibly – if the unit takes a casualty it makes a morale check ; the suppression check is then an additional morale check ;

… Then there are intimidating weapons, does this bonus stack?

It’s not clear in the rules but it could – that would mean two- three rolls in the examples above

… to continue the example of the HMG, does the target unit make 2 checks for suppression and 1 general morale check? (on a less important note, automatic grenade launchers vs HMGs, now, I can see why a HMG would be more effective, but surely an AGL would be intimidating? it seems like for game purposes the automatic grenade launcher is strictly worse to a GPMG (cant be fired from vehicles but has the same effect)) Thank you in advance for answering!

Intimidating weapons are decided by their FP stats – unmodified 3D or higher – or by specific rules/scenarios, so an AGL should drop into that bracket as it’s a Heavy Support weapon.

Hope this helps !

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