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Gone Fishing

Fascinating conversation. I’ll leave the game suggestions to others, or a later time, but I can recommend two cracking novels!

Donald, have you ever read The Bridge of Sand by John James? It’s about a Roman officer (can’t remember his rank offhand – he’s an officer of Illyrian cavalry) in Britain in AD 80. Not only is it highly atmospheric – the fear of the invaders for about every inch of the Island outside their fortified camps, the strange sightings of druids, the unknown interiors of the endless dripping forests all come across strongly – it also covers magic and the native gods in an interesting way. It could be argued James goes off the boil at times; it was written in the 70s and feels like it; magic possibly plays too great a role in the plot; but even having said all that it is a compelling read. I love how he refers to the forested landscape as “the jungle.” Shades of Vietnam, possibly.

The second has to do with Africa and might interest Steve if no one else. I quite recommend Ben Okri’s The Famished Road for a fascinating insight to some aspects of the African magical landscape. It is about a young boy growing up in difficult circumstances (a broke, increasingly desperate father, a harried mother) who is in close contact with the spirit world. A thought-provoking book, all round, that might be of interest.

Just two thoughts!