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The games are too infrequent and far apart and are purely solo, just a manic collector. Probably why I’ve never really settled for a single rule system or pair or pairs of armies.  DBA involvement was accidental as after many years away from the hobby it allowed me an easy re-entry; small armies and plenty of cheap plastic figures to fill the ranks.

Insight? Not got any of that .  Better? tricky; Assyrians maybe? Their all arms forces and organization appeal.  What needs overhauled in rules is the use of archers in chariot age armies, they were far more important than they are given credit for.  The Egyptians are a case in point, they deployed plenty of them but are usually ‘also rans’.  I’m tinkering with ideas on this at the moment, see what drops out.

All time favourite is Alexander, Macedonian and Imperial; mainly because it’s Alexander!

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