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Alas, most of the things I want seem to be sold out at Serious Play. I’ve experienced the same issue with other UK-based webstores that buy in and repackage plastic plants from China. They never seem to stock up as much as they ought to, and they don’t seem to have a steady enough supply (perhaps due to the same problem I have, that it takes hours upon hours of searching and comparing to figure out which Chinese eBay vendor is best). I used to get palm trees from Minibits after learning of that webstore through TWW advertising but I ended up ordering more than they had in stock, and now they seem to haveĀ dropped that product line altogether.

Still, Serious Play does have some things in stock that I want, and getting them will at least shorten the list of things to order from China. And maybe they’ll restock at some point. So I appreciate the tip.