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This has to be one the coolest thing I have ever seen. Could you please answer a few questions please.

  1. If I had to buy one rule set, which one would you buy?
  2. Where did you get those cool little village buildings?



  1. Long answer – This will depends on your play style. I used bits and pieces form 3 sets of rules but mostly from Usurper. I like quick and abstract combat, not wanting to be bogged down so I used Blade and Lockpick for that. I really can’t recommend one or the other without knowing how you intend to play. B&L is very quick and abstract while Usurper is great for the actual role play, I think most will enjoy Dungeon Scum more than these two sets. Short Answer – tell me more about how you play.
  2. I sculpted the houses, using FIMO, planning to make more with better details for my next campaign.