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Rod Robertson

Just Jack wrote:

“John – I’m considering part of the storyline being two radicalized university students, let’s call them Coyote Purple and Robby Roderickson, travel to Eastern Europe, get recruited by the KGB, and help smuggle nuclear weapons into the US via Canada! You know what? That’s actually brilliant! 😉”.

Ah, Jack. Robby Roderickson, eh? Just some background information for your scenario. My dad was an occasional consultant on the Anglo-French Atomic bomb project (the one Igor Gouzenko was spying on) which built a functional but never loaded nor armed A-bomb in Montreal during WWII. After the war he was the head of the McGill University Ultra-Centrifuge programme. I was born in 1960. So theoretically there would be no need for Kyote and myself to travel all the way to the USSR to get a bomb for the child terrorists you portray us to be. Oh, and just to make the picture complete my American mom worked at McGill on Botulinum toxin refining and aerosol dispersion after returning from serving in the US Army in NW Europe as a nurse. So Kyotepurple, or as I like to call him Kyotered, and I could hypothetically wage unconventional war without the help of the KGB. My home life as a child was a microcosmic combination of the Manhattan Project and Fort Detrik, Maryland. And don’t get me started about McGill Christmas parties and the sinister knees I sat upon as an oblivious infant and young child. I shudder these many years later when I think about what my parents’ nice colleagues were up to all those years ago.


Rod Robertson.