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Rory McCreadie

First, We forgot to take photo’s of the first move!!!!!!

Pete loves the Brits! So mostly I play French. We used a 1000 pts, Pete had 1 x 1st rate, 1 x 2nd rate, 1 x 3rd rate and a little 5th rate. I thought no! I will play Russian. 1 x 1st rate and 3 x 3rd rates.

We played on a 4ft x 4ft table with two islands. The wind coming from the right of the photo’s (the wall).

The Brits sailing down wind passed the islands as I played across the table to pass between the islands.

The Brits turned into the gap to pass the Russians. The 3rd was the frist Brit ship.

But! I turned away to sail down wind passed the islands.

He who says he makes no mistakes, is making the biggest mistake of all. Or does bugger all. Rory