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Angel Barracks

So my 6mm dude.


He travels the Badlands in his roller (pictured here but not included as an entry) which is an integral part of his life.

It is his home, transport, livelihood and more.
Battered, modded and held together with what many say is love or dumb luck, it is how he gets to be who he is.

No-one is quite sure of his background, there is no doubt he is tough as old boots and a very handy man to have in a firefight.
Tracker, hunter, merc, nomad, maybe some or all of these at one point?

Plying a living by travelling between Anshan, Mariposa and Stonehaven, he has picked up a lot of knowledge and Steve Chang of KR TV claims that Doc knows of a vast underground network of tunnels that criss-cross the entire Liao River Valley.

Whatever he was, or now is, whatever he knows, he is just Doc, and that is good enough for me.