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One thing that has crystallised in my mind with this thread (however obvious it may seem in hindsight) is that “nominal 6mm” can really be gamed and collected as two or more different scales that, to the purist, are for the most part not compatible.

There are definitely size differences between 1/285 and 1/300 scale.  I have some of the old plastic and metal Renegade Legion tanks and they are waaaaay small compared to my Dark Star line.   They are so small that one of my infantry troops’ heads wouldn’t even fit into their hatches, and the DS infantry are now heroic in proportion at all!  I really can’t mix the RL stuff in with DS stuff, just too apparent.

Now I’ve noticed that I do not mind scale differences in buildings at smaller scales like 6mm-ish, but there is no way I would put a 1/144 building in with 1/100 buildings!  Just too far off!  I have some really neat Japanese buildings that are basically 1/144 and their dorrways come to the chins of most troops, if not lower.  Just doesn’t jive, man!  What’s funny though is I see John Treadaway using them all of the time and they look great in his photos.  Maybe it’s just a case of “en vivo” where they look odd…?

"I saw this in a cartoon once, but I'm pretty sure I can do it..."